Busy with Brides

07 Jun

Well the last month has been really busy with brides, below are a few snapshots of hair styles from some of my brides, and from trials.

The hairstyle. When your choosing a hair style for your wedding it is important  for the hair stylist to take into account a few things: The location – is it an indoor or outdoor event?, The time of year – how hot, windy exposed with the location be, Theme – what it is you are trying to portray eg: beach or garden wedding, classic period glamour, elegance and opulence. The Dress – what will look best with the dress style and the before mentioned, and most importantly, what you like and feel comfortable in.

Majority of people want to feel like a glamourous version of them self and there is a smaller percentage of you the like to look like someone else,  or a “new better you”.

The trial. Most importantly when you are booked in to have a trial even if not all the detials are confirmed, have an idea of the above and have any images of the above that help portray what  you are wanting. People, If there is someones opioion who is very important to you, see if they can be present at your trial, this is also a good choice for those that arn’t good at speeking up if something isn’t quite right or is indisisive, although its also the artist respoinility to relise that you have not yet found “the look”, if you apear underwelmed on completion. How far in advance should I book an artist? the sooner the better, if your wanting the best book early especially for peek season in Queensland this is from mid march – ear;y June and again from late September – early-mid November. I am usually booking up for the next years October by the may the year before.

Timing on the day. If at all possible always try to allow a minimum of an hour to get dressed after completion of hair and makeup, before you wish to leave for the ceremony. You will be amazed how quickly this time goes, getting the dress on can take some time lace up dresses take around 20-40 mins to do properly and button up dresses can also take a while. once the cress is on you will have time for a few very quick photos in the room before heading off. If you like the idea of having time for a champagne first then you will need to allow more time just so you don’t feel to rushed. Remember this is a very special day and you want to savour every moment as it is sure to go very quickly.

How many artists? This question depends a lot on what time you need to be ready and how many people are needing hair & makeup. For example if it is an early wedding you may not want to get up to early, so a simple answer is to have more than one artist. if it not to early in the day it is much easier to fit more  people in with one artist. If the booking is for one or two people you will normally booked one artist as most artist will try to avoid bookings with less than two people. If you are having trouble finding a booking just for you, here is a  quick tip, see  if you mother or a friend would like to get ready with you on the day or in a neighbouring room and if they would like there hair or makeup done as this immediately adds another person and doesn’t cost you anything extra as they can pay for them self.

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